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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google’s New Speed Algorithm

9.12.2009 by Mother Superior

Mohammed Ali was famous for the 'power of intention.' He would psyche out an opponent by telling them that they were going to get knocked out in the third round.  He would be concentrating on meeting this goal and importantly, so would…

What Accelerates Online Business Growth?

14.8.2009 by Mother Superior

The internet offers a platform for growth which has never before been as dynamic, practical or widely accessible. Online there are thousands of companies all competing for a place in the spotlight, so what accelerates those online businesses that are…

Speed for the People

2.7.2009 by The Brigadier

At UKFast we’ve been talking about the need for website speed in terms of its benefits for SEO and dynamic content for some time. But let’s not lose sight of the driver behind making your web presence quicker - people.…