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Tech Titans: Broadband vs. 5G

internet connectivity

The world of tech is one where only the strongest survive; a constantly shifting battlefield, staying ahead of the curve and at the forefront of development is essential. In UKFast’s Tech Titans, we play spectator to major players in the technology arena. Today, we’re asking whether the oncoming arrival of 5G wireless connectivity could put an […]

Serving Up Faster Growth

UKFast backup disaster recovery

When you trust a company with your data you want to know they’ve got your best interests at heart. A good company will do what they promised you; a great company will do more. We’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ lives, and our new data centre investment will do just that! The […]

Speeding Towards Website Success

UKFast SAScon

Last week we were thrilled to be supporting SAScon – one of the UK’s finest Search, Analytics and Social conferences – over at Manchester Metropolitan Uni. The two-day conference was jam-packed with inspirational talks, top tips, and some of the best business minds around (oh and there was a pretty fun reflex game too!). In […]

The Need for Speed

future tech usb

Not so long ago, waiting for a web page to load gave you enough time to make a brew, learn a language and solve the world debt crisis. We expected the internet to move at a glacial pace and it was good enough just to be connected. Now things have changed and both you and […]

Full Speed Ahead

For some time now we have known that website speed affects the conversion of the site, but what about speed across the whole business? How do businesses accommodate modern shoppers and their need for speed? In 2009, Google revealed research to show that just a 0.5 second delay in the page load speed of a […]

Internet TV Threatens Broadband Costs

Internet TV may mean yet more bad news for the pockets of broadband users, according to the director general of the BBC. Following on from August’s revelations that 97 per cent of customers are not getting the broadband services that they are being sold, home broadband costs could rise even further if internet connected TV […]

Speed and Security Change Browser Landscape

A recent study by NetApplications has revealed that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is continuing to lose market share while Google Chrome has seen a sharp rise in popularity. Experts are largely attributing the shift to the security concerns surrounding IE, combined with the successful advertising and ever faster new releases from Google. That’s right; it seems […]