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Spam – More Expensive Than You Thought!

9.2.2009 by Stephen McNamara

Spam emails, we all get them, every day in fact and they are very annoying but did you realise just how big a problem they really are? Let's starts with some astonishing facts. Cisco calculated that last year 120 billion spam messages were sent daily worldwide. That was double the previous year. Furthermore, it is generally agreed that at least 80% of all emails sent are spam. In November 2008 the global volume of spam mail decreased by at least 50% when a naughty ISP called McColo was forced to close down and around 83% of all spam emails in…

Internet Attackers Storm Valentine’s Day

18.1.2008 by Mother Superior

Following on from an earlier post about spam and the responsibility of the user to avoid encouragement, I thought it worth highlighting a particular attack that shifts its consumer focus. One of last year's worst viruses is known as Storm.…

Spam Increases – Are we to Blame

9.1.2008 by Mother Superior

December saw the worst proportion of spam to legitimate email that we have ever experienced according to a report by SoftScan. All the focus is on the perseverence of relentless spammers and not enough thought is being placed on the…

We Send Less Spam But Get Just as Much

17.4.2007 by Mother Superior

It's obviously good news that the UK has fallen out of the 'dirty dozen' spam sending nations in a new report by Sophos but the main reason we have fallen out of the list seems to be because other nations…

Spam and Google Blog Search

11.1.2007 by Mother Superior

All across the news today are reports about spam levels. Image spam is one of the biggest problems in everyone's inbox but it's not just email that delivers spam. Chris Richardson believes that search results spam is a frontier on…

Suing the Internet

4.7.2006 by Mother Superior

Have a look at some of the big stories about the Internet so far this week. Here are a few headlines and links: Rank outsider sues Google over zero score Music industry to sue Yahoo China UK lawsuit proceeds against…