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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

New Media is the Way Forward for PR

10.7.2006 by Mother Superior

The CIPR Northern conference last Thursday was full of great speakers and new ideas for the PR community - and the most resounding gong was for blogging and the new media techniques. The new media in this case is the…

Unsure About Squidoo

27.6.2006 by Mother Superior

I've taken an interest in the concept of Squidoo. It's an amalgamation of many of the Net's newest ideas. Something of a social networking site, a wiki, a blog community... Users can create a lens, which is a simple web…

Social Networking

6.4.2006 by Chris N

OK so there's been a lot of news lately about Myspace: Firebombing! Police stings! Rupert Murdoch! For those of you unaware (i.e. those of you who aren't as young and cool as you think you are), Myspace is a 'social…