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Silver Surfers Fuel Online Growth

5.7.2010 by Dick Branston

Proving that silver surfers are not necessarily inhibited by technology if the content is attractive enough, those aged over 50 now account for more 31 per cent of the total people online. As grandparents join social media sites as a…

Is This the Social Media Election?

6.5.2010 by Dick Branston

As the nation takes to the polls for the closest election in a generation, the true winner of the first digital election has already been identified as social media. Following its influential role in Barack Obama's 2008 US election campaign,…

Can Facebook Threads Enhance Google’s Offering?

12.10.2009 by Dick Branston

Google recently added forum results to its search listings. The aim is to include more social media in its results mix. But is it a good idea? Well they say variety is the spice of life and it terms of…

Social Networking and Identity Theft

6.6.2009 by Dick Branston

Social networking is becoming a risky business if recent news headlines are any indication. It seems that we must be wary of the myriad of ways cyber criminals are using social media to entrap us. Apparently, we have become quite…

Twitting Money – Chapter Two

11.5.2009 by Dick Branston

About a month ago I blogged about the possibility of Twitter becoming a viable commercial venture for its owners. Back then I surmised that Twitter wanted it to be so, as did its venture capital backers who had pumped millions…

Twitting Money

16.4.2009 by Dick Branston

Big online news stories at the moment all seem to be about getting hold of the gold at the end of the rainbow from new media web portals. In terms of pure visitor numbers the likes of YouTube, Facebook and…

Businesses Behind Social Networking

17.5.2007 by Mother Superior

In the UK, many businesses are discovering the benefits of working with social media in order to build their brand. It is often seen as a leap of faith for a business to put its stall out on a site…

Politics and Social Networking

23.3.2007 by Mother Superior

If anyone still needs convincing that politics can feed its message through social networking then they only need to look at the battle going on between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. MySpace has created a section called Impact in the…

Power of Social Networking for Businesses

1.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Heather Hopkins at Hitwise has an excellent piece of research on her blog about the strength of MySpace within TopShop's marketing strategy. It seems that MySpace is now sending more traffic to TopShop than MSN and Yahoo Search combined. If…

Revenue Drives Difficult Decisions

22.8.2006 by Mother Superior

The Internet is driven by the need to monetise, that's a given, but as the fastest growing industry in the world it seems to work much faster than any other. Just as articles spring up on the Internet about the…