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Spam – More Expensive Than You Thought!

9.2.2009 by Dick Branston

Spam emails, we all get them, every day in fact and they are very annoying but did you realise just how big a problem they really are? Let's starts with some astonishing facts. Cisco calculated that last year 120 billion…

Government Should Press Gang ISPs to its Big Brother Agenda, Says Report

3.2.2009 by Dick Branston

The eagerly awaited interim publication of the Government report on the future of digital industries in Britain has suggested that ISPs should be forced to take part in Westminster's snooping campaign. According to the authors of 'Digital Britain', the UK…

Beat Cyber Attacks With Prudent Vigilance

6.10.2008 by Mother Superior

An article last week about Princeton University research into the sophistication of cyber attacks reminded me just how important it is for online businesses to take their security seriously. The great strength of the internet is its accessibility but unfortunately…

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

15.9.2008 by Mother Superior

Statistical surveys are interesting not just for the results they show but also for why they show those results. It is often said that stats can be made to support just about any contention depending on the timing, question wording,…

We Send Less Spam But Get Just as Much

17.4.2007 by Mother Superior

It's obviously good news that the UK has fallen out of the 'dirty dozen' spam sending nations in a new report by Sophos but the main reason we have fallen out of the list seems to be because other nations…

Where is Internet Safety Week?

27.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Yesterday, the BBC along with Get Safe Online published the results of a survey about Internet safety. There are some interesting, yet not all that surprising percentages in the stats. The biggest eye opener is that less than half of…

Mobile Defences

1.3.2007 by Mother Superior

If you are using mobile Internet devices, do you have secure network access and a company usage procedure? This may sound like overkill but mobile malware is a growing threat. According to Sophos' Security Threat Report 2007, sixty four percent…

A Serious Spate of Security Concerns?

25.7.2006 by Mother Superior

The technology headlines are dominated this week by security issues. Specifically in the UK, the government has produced guidelines to educate on the issue of cyber-bullying while globally the latest Sophos report reveals that Asian spammers are more now prevalent…

One for the Newspapers

31.5.2006 by Mother Superior

It's very rare to type a phrase into Google Suggest and be told that there are only 205 results. But such is the case for "ransomware." Even more astonishing is that ransomware was brought to my attention by the Manchester…