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A Virtual Service Dominating the World?

25.4.2007 by Mother Superior

With Millward Brown naming Google as the world's biggest brand for the first time this year, people are once again suggesting that the Internet super brand is becoming too powerful. Back in 2002 many businesses who had enjoyed strong Google…

Spam and Google Blog Search

11.1.2007 by Mother Superior

All across the news today are reports about spam levels. Image spam is one of the biggest problems in everyone's inbox but it's not just email that delivers spam. Chris Richardson believes that search results spam is a frontier on…

Can Wikia Search Strike a Difference?

2.1.2007 by Mother Superior

I notice that Don Dodge (of Microsoft's Emerging Business team) has started the New Year with his views on where the Search market has room for innovation. It's interesting that he says 'The Next Big Thing will be the old…

A Time for Start-ups and Pattern Recognition

7.9.2006 by Mother Superior

Esther Dyson, editor-at-large of CNet has done a short interview with the Guardian that covers useful ground. She has a very broad knowledge of the industry and the interview is well worth reading. I'm pleased she raised the point that…

RSS over Search Engines?

1.6.2006 by Mother Superior

Following on from yesterday's post about 'ransomware', I've noticed that the news sites are now featuring the same story the MEN broke yesterday. However, before I found it through the search engines my RSS feeds delivered the story on BBC…

World Wide Web Conference

24.5.2006 by Mother Superior

The World Wide Web Conference 2006 is on this week in Edinburgh and the buzz today surrounded the 'semantic web.' For many, the semantic web is the real Web 2.0. I'd recommend a read of a BBC report that discusses…

New Aussie Search Gives Google Levy

11.4.2006 by Mother Superior

Google has bought a new search technology called Orion and along with it - inventor Ori Allon. The new technology, also coveted by Microsoft and Yahoo!, finds pages where the content is about a topic strongly related to the key…