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You Need the Love of a Good Google

4.8.2009 by Stephen McNamara

To be a success online you need many things - a great idea, determination, a little capital etc. But top of your list has to be Google Love. Trying to grow an online business without it would be like trying to hold back the tide - impossible. But what is Google Love? Google Love: (Goo gle Love)|goo:gul:luv|noun What your business experiences when you align it with Google's speed model. Result - better Google rankings, better quality score, lower PPC costs, more traffic, longer visit duration, more pages visited, more likely to buy, more likely to return. Phrase: I want my…

Brits Prepared to be Monitored to get Personalised Browsing

19.3.2009 by Stephen McNamara

New research from Brand Republic has found that the British public are prepared to have their browsing monitored to facilitate a more personalised service from the search engine providers. Apparently Google intends to monitor user habits in order to target…

Slow Sites Cost More Says Google

25.2.2009 by Stephen McNamara

If you thought that spending more than your competitors on pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns was all that you needed to do to get top billing then you would be wrong. In fact very wrong. PPC plays a key…

Interflora to Sue Over Google AdWords Tactics

10.12.2008 by Mother Superior

Interflora has become the first trademark holder to challenge Google’s Adword policy of allowing companies to bid on rivals’ trademarked terms. The US flower delivery giant has issued a lawsuit in the UK courts citing the UK Trade Marks Act…

ICANN Joins Google in Putting Boot Into Brands

27.6.2008 by Mother Superior

What is a brand worth? Well, a couple of months ago a lot more than it is now thanks to Google and ICANN. Successfully building a brand identity costs a lot in time, thought and money but the rewards are…

Tesco Takes Moral Stand Against Google Awords?

9.5.2008 by Mother Superior

UK supermarket titan Tesco has announced that it is not bidding on rivals’ names despite the introduction of Google Adwords changes. If true what are Tesco’s motivations? Immediate reactions have been that Tesco does not want to dance to Google’s…

Google Now the Top Global Brand

28.4.2008 by Mother Superior

Google is once again the biggest brand in the world, well according to one report at least. Admittedly, the said report is from highly respected market research agency Millward Brown and it has the online search engine titan as top…

Yahoo Too Proud for Microsoft’s Advances

18.4.2008 by Mother Superior

What is it about Microsoft that it seems no one wants to play with them? The global computing giant has issued an unsolicited $43 billion offer to buy Yahoo but the online portal seems to be willing to do almost…

The .tk Top Level Domain

19.9.2007 by Mother Superior

I have mixed feelings regarding the story about the little island of Tokelau and the way an entrepreneur has boosted its GDP by 10% by selling the top level domain name. Already there have been more than 1.6m domain names…

Google’s Idea of ‘Content is King’

3.8.2007 by Mother Superior

I searched for the words 'content is king' on Google today and the third result was a link to a page on the Microsoft website that lists Bill Gate's many articles and the publications they have appeared in. The phrase…