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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

The Internet’s Big Three for 2007

20.12.2006 by Mother Superior

As this is one of my last posts for 2006, I think it's worth projecting forward to next year, considering what the biggest areas of Internet advancement will be and what businesses need to think about in order to maximise. I'd like to pinpoint three things that we should be looking at. The first is RSS. 2007 will mark a split between people who browse for content and those who choose content to be delivered to them. Every business needs to offer an RSS feed. Newsletters, press releases, special offers, industry news, company news, free giveaways should all be available…

Domain Name or RSS Which Will Matter Most?

15.12.2006 by Mother Superior

With the announcement that is being sold for £1.5m it's clear that emphasis on the right web name is still hugely important. However, with RSS becoming more mainstream, how much does the name of the site really matter? I…

Building the Profile of a Creative Sector

6.9.2006 by Mother Superior

Yesterday, I spent the day at FACT in Liverpool. I was producing a podcast for the Arts Council, who were presenting a one day conference for Arts organisations across the North West. The day was all about blogging, podcasting, RSS…

A New Netscape for the Less Personalised Web

15.6.2006 by Mother Superior

My immediate thoughts on the rebirth of Netscape are that AOL are joining a selection of content providers appealing to the lethargic nature of Internet users. I can see Netscape appealing heavily to those who are not web savvy enough…

RSS over Search Engines?

1.6.2006 by Mother Superior

Following on from yesterday's post about 'ransomware', I've noticed that the news sites are now featuring the same story the MEN broke yesterday. However, before I found it through the search engines my RSS feeds delivered the story on BBC…