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Ahead in the Clouds

UKFast at Cloud Expo

We headed down to London this week and were greeted with warm, sunny skies and not a cloud in sight. That much can be said for outdoors at least, but it was a completely different story in the ExCel as the huge theatre was completely taken over by cloud – computing, we mean. Cloud Expo […]

What’s the Big Tech Fix for 2017?

UKFast Round Table tech review IoT

As week two of 2017 dawns (I use the term loosely for anyone in Manchester; the rain is back!), it’s time to shift the emphasis from looking back, to looking forward. No longer shall we wallow about controversial political outcomes, fallen celebrities or the ungodly amount of mince pies we’ve consumed over the last three […]

Why Choose Magento?

UKFast Magento Round Table

It’s – potentially quite literally – the million dollar question: what platform should you host your eCommerce store on? Magento is hugely popular but rather than just believing the hype, it’s always important to know exactly why you’re doing something. We gathered together leading experts on eCommerce at the recent eCommerce Expo and got them to […]

Last Minute Tips for Black Friday

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2016

Over the next two weeks the UK will experience two of the biggest peak periods in the calendar – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Online retailers that are properly prepared can make mad gains, while those that aren’t ready might experience something more akin to supermarket carnage. We asked eCommerce experts at our recent round […]

Key Trends in eCommerce 2016

eCommerce threats

From fledgling startups to well-established brands, it’s important for all online retailers to keep up with current trends. So, what have been the most successful trends in eCommerce this year and can we predict what’s to come in 2017? Experts attending our round table at eCommerce Expo 2016 delved into the trends that are shaping the […]