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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

A Season of Service Goodwill

27.10.2010 by Darren Taylor

You can never guarantee that nothing will go wrong in service. Simple mistakes or oversights can quickly damage your customer's perception of your company. For example: You order a rare steak and the chef cooks it medium. The garage promises your car will be ready for 5pm when you drop it off, but then they phone to say it will be another day. As Head of Customer Service I'm honest with our clients and never guarantee on issues.I prefer to explain what we are doing to minimize the chance of future issues and remind them that if issues arise we…

Super Friday for our Super Service Staff

11.10.2010 by Darren Taylor

I'm a raving fan of Customer Service Week. We've had a really successful one celebrating and focusing on the importance of excellent service. I ended the week dressed as Batman the Dark Knight, but my approach to championing service has…

It’s National Customer Service Week

4.10.2010 by Stephen McNamara

It is not enough to have satisfied customers. At UKFast we want Raving Fans. Imagine people telling their friends over a drink how great we are. To drive this vision and find more fans we are using National Customer Service…