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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

2017’s Biggest Public Sector Tech Stories

11.1.2018 by Al McCloud

Cybersecurity To say cybersecurity was just an issue for the Public Sector would be a colossal understatement. In 2017 the entire world was in awe and in fear after seeing, for the first time, how hackers could disrupt and steal from seemingly anyone they chose, including parliament. Parliament Brute Force Hack Shortly after the general election, parliament was hit by a pointed brute force attack. The Guardian reported that the Russian government were most likely to blame. According to The Register, around 90 parliamentary email accounts were compromised by the attack on the parliamentary network, despite it having technology in…

How Will Public Sector Cloud Change the Face of Britain?

10.10.2017 by Al McCloud

We're pleased to welcome Martin Knapp of UKFast Public Sector to the blog for an insight into the future of public sector cloud. One of the most exciting new ideas in the world of technology can revolutionize how we use…

Public Sector IT: Beige office and Windows 98 PC or Apps and iPads?

12.9.2011 by Alice Cullen

Technology in the public sector has always been a topic of debate. For most it is seen as outdated and expensive; for others, the sector's use of IT is seen as an area of untapped potential. When I think about…