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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Expert View: April’s Cyber-Threat Landscape

29.4.2019 by UKFast

What are the most prevalent  cyber-threats right now?  And what are the latest security product updates from UKFast?  Find out the latest insight and advice from UKFast security expert, Sean.  The most common cyber-threats targeting businesses right now Phishing: The type of phishing emails we’re seeing now are more complicated and sophisticated than ever before. The most common tactic is for a cybercriminal to create an email chain seemingly involving three board members. Once a conversation has been fabricated, the victim is added by one of the ‘board members’ and asked to pay or take action immediately. Because the victim…

UKFast Updates: New features for eCloud

13.3.2019 by UKFast

In today’s blog we’re sharing some exciting eCloud updates and explaining how they help you make the most out of your eCloud platform. And who better to get us up to speed than UKFast Director of Enterprise Technologies Dr Chris…