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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Beat Cyber Attacks With Prudent Vigilance

6.10.2008 by Mother Superior

An article last week about Princeton University research into the sophistication of cyber attacks reminded me just how important it is for online businesses to take their security seriously. The great strength of the internet is its accessibility but unfortunately the trade off is that this can also be its vulnerability. Providing access to legitimate Web surfers also means potentially providing access to those who would wish to do harm. So it is vitally important for any online business to ensure that they are doing all that they can to protect themselves and their customers from malicious cyber attack. Most…

Trojan Attackers Focus on eBay

6.3.2007 by Mother Superior

I think the popular perception is that email viruses are the most popular form of attack for cyber criminals - no doubt because they invade our own privacy in a tangible way. However, according to Sophos, the number of such…

Trust is Down But ad Spends up Online

24.1.2007 by Mother Superior

I got an email this morning from eBay's Head of Trust and Safety. It's a job title that you don't often come across. The role might seem odd to some but it doesn't surprise me at all. Just today a…