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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Office 06

4.4.2006 by Chris N

My friends, we're living in the future. We can communicate with people across the globe as if they were in the next room, we can annoy people on the train with a vast array of portable noise-making devices, and we can access just about the entire sum of human knowledge from our desktops. So why are we still working in offices? It hardly seems surprising that there's a game coming out called 'Office Massacre' (well, at least there was) -the cultural consensus seems to be that the office is a hellhole full of David Brents and broken dreams. Furthermore, over…

Getting 100% out of Meetings

30.3.2006 by Mother Superior

I was interested to read Seth Godin's post about investing in meetings as an audience this morning as it's currently quite pertinent to UKFast. It relates in two senses - with internal and external meetings. UKFast is expanding. In order…