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ITV’s Grade – Me Thinks he Doth Protest Too Much!

22.9.2008 by Mother Superior

Beleaguered ITV boss Michael Grade has referred to online video sites, such as YouTube, as ‘parasites’ to commercial broadcasters. In an interview at the IBC technology conference, the former Channel 4 and BBC man reportedly said operators such as YouTube,…

The Benefit of Personalised Home Pages

20.8.2008 by Mother Superior

One of the biggest advantages of the internet over other media is its ability to offer a flexible, personalised service. Web surfers already have the option to filter the content of a website, choose what email alerts to receive and…

UEFA Boosts Profits With Bigger Online Presence

26.6.2008 by Mother Superior

European football governing body UEFA will no doubt be delighted with the quality of the on-pitch spectacle at this year’s tournament. However, Platini and co’s greatest delight will probably be reserved for their online profits. According to the BBC ,…

Does Google Broad Match Work for Everyone?

8.10.2007 by Mother Superior

Google offers marketers a number of keyword matching options through its PPC AdWords centre. Broad match is the default option and it allows you to appear in results when any single word from your keyword phrase appears, but does it…

Analysing a Client Base Geographically

6.9.2007 by Mother Superior

Every six months I take a look at where our new clients are coming from geographically and try to ascertain any factors that are leading them to choose their server hosting in Manchester. Naturally, the findings can help us with…

Direct Response Marketing is Big for B2B

20.4.2007 by Mother Superior

The Direct Marketing Association in the US has done its first major survey focussed on the b2b sector, discovering that the biggest single area of spend is direct response communications. The most interesting finding for me is that the US…

Hitwise Reports – Always Worth Analysing

28.3.2007 by Mother Superior

As a business online there are few more important things to discover than how your competition is doing and where you place in comparison to them. It's not cheap to become a fully fledged client of the Online marketing analyst…

Power of Social Networking for Businesses

1.3.2007 by Mother Superior

Heather Hopkins at Hitwise has an excellent piece of research on her blog about the strength of MySpace within TopShop's marketing strategy. It seems that MySpace is now sending more traffic to TopShop than MSN and Yahoo Search combined. If…

Everyone Wants Their Profit From the Web

30.8.2006 by Mother Superior

The UK's most prominent political bloggers have seen the future. They're centralising their content in a bid to make revenue from advertising. Not just any advertising though - advertising that their readership want to see. This news is followed hot…

Online Holds the Future of Music

26.7.2006 by Mother Superior

The title of this post would immediately suggest I might be referring to the buying and selling of recorded music - but actually my work with the Manchester Jazz Festival this week has highlighted a very different area. UKFast is…