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Wine – the Linux Drink of Choice

22.2.2009 by Pingu

So, as my ongoing quest to expand the Linux user base continues, I want to mention the middle ground people often get stuck in. It's often perceived as a no-mans lands between the two waring sides, however there is a…

Submerge Yourself in Linux – Without Drowning

10.2.2009 by Pingu

As the title of my first post touched on, Linux has a steep learning curve, and I don't think many people would disagree. The power, freedom and control of Linux is certainly what draws and maintains the vast majority of…

Linux Learning Curve

7.2.2009 by Pingu

Whilst thinking about where to start this newly extended Linux section of the UKFast blog, it dawned on me to simply start at the beginning and grow from there. A curious statement you may say, but one I had to…

Windows v Linux

20.8.2008 by Mother Superior

In the hosting industry we’re seeing an increase in the number of businesses opting for Linux-based servers. If you’re looking to host a quality website you’ll be looking for the most stable technology on which to build your online presence.…