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Guide to Load Balancing

17.3.2010 by Jenn Granger

Load balancing is a technology used in the dedicated hosting arena to spread work across a number of servers with the goal of increasing capacity, speeding up response times and avoiding downtime. As opposed to the traditional route of pointing traffic directly at a server’s IP, network traffic is directed to an IP on the load balancer. It is the responsibility of the load balancer to choose which server to forward this request to. There are 2 factors which help the load balancer make this choice: server health checks load balancing strategy Server health checks ensure servers in a solution…

Achieving Solution Uptime

13.3.2010 by The Brigadier

Load balancing? Replication? Failover? Multiple datacentres? Dedicated virtualisation? Clustering? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes! But definitely not everything every time. I suppose the second challenge in providing the 100% uptime solution is knowing which technology is best to use…