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How Wireless Routers Were Hacked into a DDoS Army

17.1.2018 by Al McCloud

What the Huawei HG532 router teaches us about IoT security. Arguably the first ‘Internet of Things’ device was created back in 1991 at the University of Cambridge. It was called the ‘Trojan Room coffee pot’ – it was a camera, connected to the computer lab’s network, which allowed everyone in the lab to check the coffee pot without getting up. It was a big deal for students who loved coffee in the 90’s, but would become immortalised as the inspiration for the first ever commercial webcam. Since then we’ve not looked back, and it’s common to have a range of…

The 5 Most Unexpected IoT Hacks of 2017

13.9.2017 by Al McCloud

Hacking a PC is so 1999. These days, if you want props as a cybercriminal you’ve got to hack stuff. Smart fridges, smart cars, smart, erm, fidget spinners? You name it; if you can hack a smart device you’re basically…

What Does the Future Hold for the Internet of Things?

1.3.2017 by Penny Piper

The Internet of Things (IoT) is playing an ever-increasing role in our daily lives; you can unlock your front door with your phone, change TV channels at home from your office desk and watch live as your family gets annoyed…

Tech Review – Internet of Things 2016 and Beyond

13.2.2017 by Guest

It’s safe to say that 2016 was a year of game-changing developments in the world of technology. From automation and virtual reality, to driverless cars and artificial intelligence we witnessed an influx in innovations. In a recent round table at…

How Accurate Were Our 2016 Predictions? Episode 5

26.1.2017 by Guest

Technology has become integrated – in some form or other – in every aspect of our lives. We’re all connected to one another at all times; from smart phones and wearable tech to how we shop. In the last of…

Your Guide to Surviving Cyber Security in 2017

3.1.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Whether you’ve got ten resolutions for 2017 printed, laminated and on your wall, or all you’ve got so far is ‘make it through the first day back at work’ (you’re nearly there, congrats!), the one resolution you should be aiming…

Internet of Things That are Trying to Attack You

24.10.2016 by Katherine Kelly

It’s the final week of Cyber Security Month and we have a bit of a case study - a security nightmare of biblical proportions, if you will – to perfectly highlight why it’s so important to have good security practices.…

What The New Lazy-Making Button Teaches us About Security

31.8.2016 by Katherine Kelly

First online shopping meant we didn’t even need to leave the house (praise technology!); now Amazon’s Dash buttons mean we don’t even have to make it to our laptops. It’s a pretty exciting time to be alive – or to…

Fridays at UKFast – January 29th

29.1.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Congratulations on surviving January everyone! To celebrate, why not catch up with what’s cracking in the tech world. This week we’ve been talking about our predictions for 2016, the hidden tech powering Chester Zoo’s interactive Islands exhibition, and how to…

The Device Mesh and Other Terms You’ll be Hearing in 2016

25.1.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Last week we asked UKFast’s expert team what their IT Security and Cloud predictions for 2016 were. If you missed the webinar fear not – we also compiled them into a handy whitepaper for you. The whitepaper is a feast…