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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Spectacles, Car-keys, Google Wallet and Watch

16.6.2011 by Lady Penelope

So, you can email, photograph, locate yourself and play a million and one useless games, all from the comfort of your very own mobile communication device. What other avenue to venture into then than that of portable bank cards. Google recently announced it's latest development "Google Wallet". In a nutshell this acts very much like a virtual wallet, meaning that the traditional plastic credit and debit cards will soon be obsolete. You simply upload all of your account information, loyalty and reward cards and bosh, away you go. Simply look for the wireless payment options whenever you go shopping and…

Innovating for the Future

15.2.2009 by Mother Superior

UKFast reaches its tenth anniversary later this year, so it might seem strange that such a young company is placing a focus on future generations of leaders and team members. The notion is however, something that Richard Branson amongst other…