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Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Healthy Business

15.6.2017 by Al McCloud

Finding the time and motivation to exercise is a hurdle stopping a lot of us from actually getting out there and doing it. This is particularly true if it’s raining or you’re tired or, let’s be honest if there’s literally anything better to do. If you’re someone who doesn’t really understand how running or kettlebells could be considered fun then you might think that exercise just isn’t for you. But the benefits of exercise go way beyond just making you better at something you don’t like doing. Exercise could make you a better entrepreneur, creative, or expert in your field.…

Running a Business

3.4.2017 by Alice Cullen

Why do we focus on health and wellbeing? It’s very simple. When you feel well, you’re happier and who doesn’t want a happy team? Plus, a happy team is more likely to offer an incredible level of service for our…

Fridays at UKFast – 24th June 2016

24.6.2016 by Katherine Kelly

There’s a very mixed bag of emotions across the country today but it’s important to continue to look to the future. One of the biggest tools for this future landscape is digital, so no matter where you fall politically, it’s…

Our New Addiction

6.8.2015 by Katherine Kelly

Whilst I’ve managed to convince myself that the only things I’m addicted to are Freddos and caffeine, a new study shows that I – along with the majority of the population – am probably addicted to my phone. Like it…


2.1.2015 by Katherine Kelly

Congratulations, if you're reading this you have survived Christmas, New Year, and an ungodly amount of food, drink and family. So, back in the real world (oh hello real world), let’s find out what’s been happening! Fingerprint cloning from pictures…

Having Trouble Sleeping?

23.12.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Last thing at night, it’s tempting to use your devices to surf the internet, check Facebook one more time (what has your best mate’s cousin’s cat been up to in the last hour?), or even read a book to wind…


29.10.2014 by Katherine Kelly

When it comes to the happiness of friends and family, it’s hard not to worry; and I worry all the time. My sisters get pretty sick of me constantly texting them, “Are you OK/still alive??” (although this is often just…


12.8.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Despite the fact that sleeping is pretty much my favourite thing to do, it turns out that the rest of the UK may not agree with me, as a recent study has shown we spend more time teched-up than asleep…

How to Stop your Computer Melting your Mind (and Body)

20.2.2014 by Katherine Kelly

If you’re anything like me you probably spend a good 8-9 hours a day sat staring at your computer screen. On more productive days you’re staring at it intensely as you totally kick work’s… attitude. On less productive days, you’re…