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Arrivée Performance Clothing

Finding the time and motivation to exercise is a hurdle stopping a lot of us from actually getting out there and doing it. This is particularly true if it’s raining or you’re tired or, let’s be honest if there’s literally anything better to do. If you’re someone who doesn’t really understand how running or kettlebells […]

Our New Addiction

Smartphone addiction

Whilst I’ve managed to convince myself that the only things I’m addicted to are Freddos and caffeine, a new study shows that I – along with the majority of the population – am probably addicted to my phone. Like it or not this is becoming fairly standard so, whilst it’s important not to become too […]


Fridays at UKFast

Congratulations, if you’re reading this you have survived Christmas, New Year, and an ungodly amount of food, drink and family. So, back in the real world (oh hello real world), let’s find out what’s been happening! Fingerprint cloning from pictures Previously, the most we might’ve had to worry about from pictures was whether we’re smiling […]

Having Trouble Sleeping?


Last thing at night, it’s tempting to use your devices to surf the internet, check Facebook one more time (what has your best mate’s cousin’s cat been up to in the last hour?), or even read a book to wind down. Well actually, not so much. E-readers may be the answer to hefting heavy books […]


Despite the fact that sleeping is pretty much my favourite thing to do, it turns out that the rest of the UK may not agree with me, as a recent study has shown we spend more time teched-up than asleep each day. When digital news started overtaking printed newspapers, we were worried about the future […]