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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Life After GDPR Deadline Day

25.6.2018 by Jenn Granger

Anna Dick, CTO of online recruitment marketplace Hiring Hub, answers your questions and gives us her experience on the world of data protection, post-GDPR. * Why is data protection so important? It’s more important now than ever before as we are so much more ’digitally connected’. The internet is one of the greatest contributors to how much personal information we now give out, social media culture actively encourages people to casually share their PII (Personal Identifiable Information) online. If this data gets in the wrong hands, it can be used to cause a lot of damage to those individuals. What…

Supercharge Your Sales With These Digital Tips

5.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

Poppy Heap from CTI Digital gives us her highlights from the highly anticipated Supercharged Commerce event. We’ve all looked at our figures on a Friday night and wondered if there’s a magic spell to skyrocket our sales. What are we going…

5 Tips for Finding your Perfect Office

8.2.2017 by Guest

Today’s blog is brought to you by Christopher May, co-founder and sales & marketing director of online property search portal Commercial People. Chris has over 20 years’ experience in arranging residential and commercial finance and has run successful businesses that…

5 Starter Points for Employee Engagement

4.10.2016 by Guest

Employee engagement is a hot topic at the moment, and something we're big on at UKFast - happy employees, happy customers. We're getting it made into a bumper sticker. This morning Michelle from commercial legal team berg shares the company's…

Employee Engagement – Passing Fad or How we do Things?

25.8.2016 by Guest

Ask a business manager or director what employee engagement means to them and chances are you’ll get as many varied answers as the number of people you ask. But should we find that surprising asks Craig from people development company Vedas. Perhaps…

Enable Your Business in a Knowledge Economy

24.8.2016 by Guest

The prospect of change is one that scares a great many people, and never more so than when it’s being flung upon you and you feel you have no choice but to react to it. How do you get ahead…

Security in the Cloud

14.7.2016 by Guest

Moving to the cloud can be a cost-effective option for companies looking to reduce their responsibility, overhead and the management of IT infrastructure. Andy, cyber security specialist at OmniCyber Security, has seen many companies that have made the transition with minimal disruption,…

The GDPR and You: Don’t Panic!

25.5.2016 by Guest

You just can't escape privacy at the moment.  From Snowden and the NSA, to Facebook and Max Schrems single-handedly bring down safe-harbour; from high-profile celebrity super injunctions through to front-page reports of high-profile data breaches.  Rapid advancements in new technology…

The Cloud is Dead – Long Live the Cloud (Pt 1)

6.4.2016 by Guest

There is a misconception that The Cloud is something new. It isn’t. The Cloud has been around for long time, we just didn’t call it The Cloud. In part one of his blogs, Steve from Studio Mashbo has the lowdown…

How New eCommercers Can Use Tech for Success!

31.3.2016 by Guest

Matt from award-winning app developers Apadmi Enterprise shares his thoughts on how using technology well can be a real helping hand to new eCommerce businesses! It was during the UKFast 2016 Tech Predictions round table that I first broached the subject…