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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Supercharge Your Sales With These Digital Tips

5.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

Poppy Heap from CTI Digital gives us her highlights from the highly anticipated Supercharged Commerce event. We’ve all looked at our figures on a Friday night and wondered if there’s a magic spell to skyrocket our sales. What are we going…

Never Look At Your Website As Finished

11.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Following the success of our recent eCommerce webinar, we're delighted to welcome a guest blog from Digital Next COO Mark Blackhurst.  As a joint founder of Digital Next, Google partner and official web partner of UKFast, alongside my brother Justin Blackhurst,…

Expert Week: Scott Helme on Cyber-Attacks

1.8.2017 by Al McCloud

Welcome to day two of our first Expert Week. We like to be in a constant state of learning here at UKFast, and there's no better way to educate ourselves than spending time in the company of experts. With cybersecurity at the…

How Time Recording Became Legal’s Hottest Technology Pick

22.6.2015 by Guest

Technology is innovating and driving change in many different sectors. Today we have Phil Wedgwood of Rekoop talking about time recording - a technology that's revolutionizing the legal sector. His insights also give a glimpse at how a technology could…

Print, the Forgotten Enemy of Data Security

29.9.2014 by Guest

With Heartbleed, Cryptolocker and now BASH hitting the headlines; cybersecurity is right at the forefront of every business’s mind. But what about the threats we forget about, like the printer sitting at the end of our desk? Gareth Marshall, digital…

Video Nation

21.6.2011 by Guest

This is a guest post from Brian Barnes, Managing Director of So here I am feeling quite stumped. How do I write anything informative and stimulating about the new video generation and content? After all I am a dinosaur.…

Calling the Digital Nation

27.5.2011 by Guest

This is a guest post from Andrew Corbett, membership services director, at the UK IT Association -   Invisible SME IT majority As a member and board director of the UK IT Association for the past 7 years, I…