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Trump Demands Better Security and Cloud Computing

22.5.2017 by Al McCloud

President Trump has issued an Executive Order in an attempt to strengthen federal and public cybersecurity in the U.S. The President has been very vocal about what he often refers to as ‘the cyber’, particularly on his campaign trail, and this order requires heads of IT, security, and defence to share their plans with the president for securing IT infrastructure. Included in the order is a request for updated IT, including cloud computing, and better cooperation with allies to stop cyber crime. The order, called “Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure” comes slightly later than promised, and…

We’re on G-Cloud Nine!

19.5.2017 by Al McCloud

We’re very happy. You could say we’re over the moon. In fact, let’s say we’re on cloud nine because we can announce that UKFast are G-Cloud 9 Approved. If you’re not a public sector business we wouldn’t blame you for…

Do the Maths

30.11.2015 by Guest

With some big announcements on education in the Autumn statement last Wednesday, we thought it would be a fitting time to give you another snippet of what’s been going on in the education arm of UKFast. Bryn has the lowdown.…

Superpowering Security

9.9.2015 by Katherine Kelly

Security guru with a chequered past John McAfee has announced he’s planning on joining the US presidential race - and it could have some interesting implications for tech in the US! Yes, that’s right, the guy who started the security…

Peeping Parliament

27.5.2015 by Katherine Kelly

Today millions of Brits tuned in for the Queen’s speech, which was kinda like a sequel to the award-winning motion picture The King’s Speech, but with more controversy; one part in particular at least. It included information on a new…

The Next Generation (Of Things)

25.3.2015 by Katherine Kelly

A new report has answered the question of what your teenager is doing upstairs. No, they’re not playing Call of Duty, trying to home-brew Gin and listening to Boyz II Men on repeat. They’re up there learning about tech. Seriously.…

The Flaw In The Government’s Security Plan

13.1.2015 by Katherine Kelly

David Cameron has called for a new piece of comprehensive legislation to close terrorists’ ‘safe spaces’ on the internet so they can’t talk to each other anymore; but it could actually make things worse. What’s happened? Following the attacks in…

Get On Board With Apprentice-Ships

4.12.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Last Thursday some of our lovely UKFasters were invited onto the HMS St Albans on the Thames in London. Who would be mad enough to let our crazy team onto a serving warship? The National Apprenticeship Service (yep, they were…

Racing Robotics

3.7.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Anyone else think robots are kind of awesome and terrifying in equal measure? For instance, do I want a robot friend? Kinda. Do I think that same robot friend would eventually try and destroy me? Definitely. But in reality (and…

Responsibility Falls to Industry as Broadband Costs Escalate

16.7.2010 by Dick Branston

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the future of Britain's online broadband network... then BT pipe up. After the coalition government abandoned plans to roll out nationwide broadband fibre in its emergency budget, BT has now…