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Final Nail in Web Security’s Coffin?

1.9.2011 by Alice Cullen

The discovery of several fake SSL certificates has put yet another nail in the coffin of internet security. But hack attacks are no longer shocking or terrifying because they are in the news every other day. Anonymous and Lulzsec have become celebrity names rather than groups to fear. This latest revelation, however, is a little concerning. Security researchers have found a forged internet security certificate that is designed to allow hackers to spy on users’ private emails and communications. Even scarier is the fact that it is the Google sites that were targeted and it is the same type of…

The Names of the Tools of the Trade

19.5.2006 by Chris N

As usual the web is lit up like an indignant christmas tree with discussions about the latest developments in what is usually (and somewhat laughably) called the console war. The big news is Nintendo's unhinged decision to call their new…