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Get your head down on World Sleep Day!

16.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

Raring to go? All coffee-d up? Great, because it’s World Sleep Day! We hope you jumped out of bed this morning to celebrate this momentous occasion. Just think, the harder we work today, the longer we’ll sleep tonight. Bliss. In 2018, we’re always so busy that by chopping an hour of your night’s sleep might sometimes feel necessary and a hectic commute might mean setting that alarm a little earlier than we’d like. But sleep deprivation costs the UK economy £40 billion every year as people can’t function to full capacity – either physically or mentally – when they need…

Top Tips to Boost Your Team Spirit

2.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

They’re always there whenever they’re needed, they bring a huge amount of energy and they’re the kings and queens of the office party – we all just love our teams! Today is National Employee Appreciation Day, so let’s raise a…

Fast Fridays – 2nd June 2017

2.6.2017 by Al McCloud

We’ve gathered up the week’s technology links in case you missed them. With every passing week, tech seems to be getting more political. From email hacking to political AdWords campaigns, to the looming GDPR. It’s no wonder then, that this…

Fast Fridays – 25th May 2017

26.5.2017 by Al McCloud

It’s been a difficult week here in Manchester, but we’re adopting the mentality that has successfully seen this city thrive; keeping our heads up and carrying on. With that in mind, we’ve gathered up the week’s technology links - just…

Fast Fridays – 10th February 2017

10.2.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Welcome to Friday everyone – you made it, great work! This week we’ve been talking about all of the things from our exciting new deal that will bolster our security offering, to a double bill on Safer Internet Day. Now,…

Fast Fridays – 3rd February 2017

3.2.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Hello and welcome to Friday, and – even more exciting than that – the Friday roundup! In this week’s blog we’ve talked about all of the things, from why squirrels are more sinister than they seem, to why you should…

Fast Fridays – 27th January 2017

27.1.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Happy belated Burns night, Chinese New Year and weekend everyone! This week’s been all go, with a new webinar arising on the horizon and the final instalment of our blogs in which we reviewed our tech predictions from the previous…

Fast Fridays – 20th January 2017

20.1.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Welcome to Friday everyone, it’s going to be a good’un, we can feel it in our bones! Before you crack on with all of the fun though, catch up with what’s been going on in this week’s blog – from…

Fast Fridays – 13th January 2017

13.1.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Happy Friday everyone – first full week back at work and you’ve cracked it like the bad egg it was! In this week’s blog we’ve been talking about everything from a great solution for avoiding downtime, to new and growing…

Fast Fridays – 6th January 2017

6.1.2017 by Katherine Kelly

Happy National Tech Day everyone – today is the day to give praise to the gods of tech! While there are times when we’ve all wanted to throw our phones off a high place, today is the day to remember all…