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Study Shows Social Networks Leak Personal Information

8.7.2010 by Lady Penelope

A study out this week shows that social networking sites accessed through mobile devices are making data about users' physical locations available to third party websites. Researchers have reported that every one of the sites examined in the study, has…

Silver Surfers Fuel Online Growth

5.7.2010 by Dick Branston

Proving that silver surfers are not necessarily inhibited by technology if the content is attractive enough, those aged over 50 now account for more 31 per cent of the total people online. As grandparents join social media sites as a…

Is This the Social Media Election?

6.5.2010 by Dick Branston

As the nation takes to the polls for the closest election in a generation, the true winner of the first digital election has already been identified as social media. Following its influential role in Barack Obama's 2008 US election campaign,…

Online Community Messaging

30.5.2008 by Mother Superior

In their efforts to connect with potential customers online, businesses are already using online banner ads, site sponsorship and email marketing but can we predict the next big development to hit the mainstream? In my view it’s going to be…

Microsoft & Facebook – The Demographics Challenge

5.10.2007 by Mother Superior

In the search arena, there is one advantage Microsoft has over the market leader and this is the ability to target ads demographically. I attended a seminar yesterday organised by Don't Panic and Manchester Digital which included speakers from Google,…