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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Small Networks Can be Beautiful Networks

18.8.2011 by Guest

This is a guest blog by Steve Downes, Managing Director of Juice Digital, Manchester.    In 1992 a British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, suggested that there is a limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social…

Feeding off the Misery of Others

26.7.2011 by Jenn Granger

I love the internet - a good thing when working for an internet hosting company... I think it has a lot of good to offer and has revolutionised so many aspects of life. However there is a dark side to…

Welcome to Googlers Anonymous

29.6.2011 by Alice Cullen

If I asked you what are the opening times of the Nepalese Embassy in Beijing, how would you answer? Google it? If you were planning a route or were lost in the middle of nowhere how would you find your…

False Information

27.6.2011 by Jenn Granger

Earlier this month, Tom MacMaster, A US graduate student living in Edinburgh was ousted as being the author of the Gay Girl in Damascus blog. For those of you who missed the story, the blog was seemingly written by a…

Facebook Facing Trouble

14.6.2011 by Jenn Granger

Is Facebook feeling the consequences of ignoring users privacy concerns? Yesterday, stories were rife across the internet about Facebook losing users in the US, UK, Canada, Norway and Russia. According to data gathered by the site Inside Facebook, in the…

Online Privacy: Has Facebook Changed our Expectations?

1.12.2010 by Dick Branston

Do we need to change our expectations about online privacy? Social Media has become such a prominent aspect of contemporary society and the issue of how our privacy is respected is a big concern to many people. Facebook in particular…

Internal Collaboration With Social Media

19.11.2010 by Dick Branston

I've been thinking recently, that for me the problem with the hype surrounding Social Media, is that people often just think of it as a marketing tool and nothing more. However, forget that facebook, twitter, digg...etc exist and think of…

Can Facebook Rival Gmail?

15.11.2010 by Dick Branston

This rumour has been going on for a while now, but as it starts to look more like a reality, it just makes me think how massive this news could be! If Facebook also became our personal email system, this…

Corona’s Facebook Campaign: How to Combine Traditional and Digital Marketing

15.10.2010 by Dick Branston

I recently came across an article in Mashable about Corona Light's new campaign whereby people can use a Facebook App to upload a picture of themselves to a Times Square billboard. This recent campaign by Corona Light is in my…

Social Media Risks for SMBs

5.10.2010 by Lady Penelope

Despite Mark Zuckerberg's social media phenomenon being immortalised on the silver screen this month, the privacy and security concerns of Facebook et al are still the big news. According to a recent study by Panda Security, around a third of…