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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

How cloud can help you meet your sustainability goals

21.4.2021 by Laura Valentine

Up to 75% of ethical UK companies reported commercial gains once they became sustainable, yet going green is still one of the lesser-discussed benefits of cloud computing. With a third of these organisations also declaring lower operational costs, it’s clear that cloud adoption ticks both boxes. And this isn’t news. As far back as 2013, Google argued that a switch from traditional computing to cloud would reduce the energy levels of US businesses by 87%. By 2018, Google’s data centre processes had increased by 550%, while their energy consumption grew by just 6%. Yet some organisations remain unconvinced. That’s why…

UKFast’s Environmental Management Programme

21.6.2016 by Guest

Last year UKFast transitioned to ISO14001:2015 as part of an early adoption programme, demonstrating our further commitment to a clean and healthy environment – not only within our workplace, but also within the wider community. Our compliance expert Anthony has…

Why Making Every Day Earth Day Benefits You Too

23.4.2015 by Jenn Granger

Yesterday was ‘Earth Day’ – a day where we’re meant to eat less meat, turn off more lights and generally try and protect the planet that we seem pretty intent on destroying (for instance, there’s a rubbish island the size…

Caring the Carbon Way

21.10.2010 by Darren Taylor

I am head of customer service for UKFast. I am a husband. I am a singer. I am a friend. I am a brother. Like everyone I am many different things. From time to time I like to reflect on…

We’re 100% Carbon Neutral and Proud!

19.10.2010 by Stephen McNamara

Finally we can reveal the big news...UKFast is a 100% carbon neutral hosting company! This means that not only our company itself, but also all of the solutions we offer to our clients, are entirely carbon neutral - free of…