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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

E-commerce Transparency

24.5.2007 by Mother Superior

A new survey about internet consumers highlights a few very pleasing things that people like myself have been telling clients for some time. The survey by MoreComputers concentrates on the aspects of e-commerce sites that users find particularly displeasing. Having…

Should eCommerce Compliment the High Street?

4.1.2007 by Mother Superior

Music Zone announced its file for administration this week and it's very telling that it never sold online to compliment a burgeoning high street presence? As a relatively new retailer in the entertainments sector it's hard to understand why e-commerce…

Any Brits in the Alexa 100?

19.12.2006 by Mother Superior

Not as many as we'd like is the answer. Lets take the top 50 sites ranked by Alexa for traffic in the UK. There's only one British company in the top 10 and that's the BBC. In fact only one…

Is the High Street Disappearing or Migrating?

11.9.2006 by Mother Superior

This morning, the Metro free paper has emblazoned on its front page the title Internet 'killing off town stores'. The story covers a new report on the slowing of high street spending and the increase in online sales. The average…