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December 8th – The Biggest Day in eCommerce

8.12.2008 by Mother Superior

Done your Christmas shopping yet? Planning to avoid the high street cram this coming weekend by shopping online? Well you are not the only one. More and more of us are doing our holiday gift buying online as the convenience…

It Pays to be at the Centre of Attention

20.10.2008 by Mother Superior

Rural communities in the UK have come to the end of their tether with broadband providers and their deceptive claims, reports this week say. Broadband firms overstating the ‘speed’ of their packages is not new and the fact the rural…

Internet Can be a Remedy to the Credit Crunch

10.10.2008 by Mother Superior

The latest figures for online ad spend are an eye opening read. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, internet advertising expenditure increased by 21% year on year in the first half of 2008, while the total ad market fell by…

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

15.9.2008 by Mother Superior

Statistical surveys are interesting not just for the results they show but also for why they show those results. It is often said that stats can be made to support just about any contention depending on the timing, question wording,…

The Benefit of Personalised Home Pages

20.8.2008 by Mother Superior

One of the biggest advantages of the internet over other media is its ability to offer a flexible, personalised service. Web surfers already have the option to filter the content of a website, choose what email alerts to receive and…

ICANN Joins Google in Putting Boot Into Brands

27.6.2008 by Mother Superior

What is a brand worth? Well, a couple of months ago a lot more than it is now thanks to Google and ICANN. Successfully building a brand identity costs a lot in time, thought and money but the rewards are…

Online Community Messaging

30.5.2008 by Mother Superior

In their efforts to connect with potential customers online, businesses are already using online banner ads, site sponsorship and email marketing but can we predict the next big development to hit the mainstream? In my view it’s going to be…

Tesco Takes Moral Stand Against Google Awords?

9.5.2008 by Mother Superior

UK supermarket titan Tesco has announced that it is not bidding on rivals’ names despite the introduction of Google Adwords changes. If true what are Tesco’s motivations? Immediate reactions have been that Tesco does not want to dance to Google’s…

The Traditional Retailer Rises Again

26.6.2007 by Mother Superior

Hitwise has released figures related to its Hot Shops List, which places online retail and travel operators in a popularity ranking based on visits to their websites. They started monitoring the list in May 2006, so last month was the…

E-commerce Transparency

24.5.2007 by Mother Superior

A new survey about internet consumers highlights a few very pleasing things that people like myself have been telling clients for some time. The survey by MoreComputers concentrates on the aspects of e-commerce sites that users find particularly displeasing. Having…