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iTunes Does me a Favour

11.5.2006 by Chris N

This morning I was sitting on the bus, listening to <nme mode>Wildhearts' frontman Ginger's confessional rock opus Valor Del Corazon</nme mode> (because nothing says 'commute' like a double album about your wife leaving you on account of your heroin habit), thinking about the differences between CDs and mp3s. And how heroin habits are a bit of a bad idea. And various other stupid things... but mainly about CDs and mp3s. Last night iTunes suddenly decided to delete half my carefully downloaded album artwork. At first I was quite irate, because I'd spent ages finding it all so it would show…

Russia – the Internet Villain or Hero?

7.4.2006 by Mother Superior

American congress has named China and Russia the world's two biggest Internet pirates. Earlier this year, the UK's ISPA named Russia in its top 5 Internet villains and this week an XTN Data survey tells us that Russia's is…