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The Keys to Unlocked

Unlocked Manchester Main

On the 28th March, industry heavyweights including Microsoft, Cisco and Secarma will descend on UKFast Campus for Unlocked Manchester – our new cybersecurity conference. Expect an afternoon of in-depth insights into the world of cybersecurity and cyber-terrorism to make sure your business stays protected from online threats. UKFast is getting really excited ahead of Unlocked […]

A Shout Out to Your .Blog

gTLD .blog UKFast

As every blogger knows there’s no point putting out the best content in the world if no one’s able to read it, so when it comes to signposting it’s kinda like Tesco – every little helps. The new .blog gTLD has been released and if you’re in the business of words it’s something that you want […]

The Malware Angling for your Details

10 security lessons 2016

Several major websites, including and the New York Times, have been foxed by fake ads, which have the potential to lead billions of users to websites containing ransomware and other badness. The attackers have been demanding payment from users to get their files back. Here’s what happened, and how you can help guard against […]

Next-gen security keeps email safe from DANE-ger

Drown vulnerability

Meet the next generation of email security. His name is DANE (DNS-Authentication of Named Entities). The US government and dot-com giant VeriSign have teamed up to build a brand new secure email system using the internet’s very own domain name system. DANE will sit beside existing TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol to create a two-pronged […]

An Eye For An Isp


If someone sold you a dodgy device, you’d probably get pretty mad; but if someone knowingly sold you a dodgy device that’s a whole new level of uncool. Some ISPs are being accused of distributing ADSL routers that they knew had security vulnerabilities, and although taking the higher ground is best, letting the world know what […]

Back To Basics: Domain Names

You’ve decided to let the world know about your business/GSOH/love of cats doing hilarious things (how do those little rascals play a keyboard without opposable thumbs??). To do this you need a website, and then for your future adoring fans to be able to find it, you need a domain name… but what the heck […]

Scotland’s Big News This Week

After a tense wait, this week the big news that Scotland has been waiting for finally arrived. That’s right… the .scot domain has been released!  So, wait no longer everyone; declare your allegiance to haggis, deep fried mars bars and arguably the best accent in the country, and snap up a Scot today! Proving that […]