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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

How accurate were our 2016 predictions? Episode 1

22.12.2016 by Guest

Last Christmas the world was a different place. David Cameron was Prime Minister, the UK had yet to vote in favour of Brexit, Donald Trump was merely a billionaire businessman with interesting hair and David Bowie was still creating great music. Who would have believed that in just 12 months, so very much could change? And we haven’t even touched on developments in tech. Dani has the lowdown on a very hectic year! While no one could have predicted the whopping great changes to the world’s political, economic and musical landscape in 2016, we did get a few IT security…

There’s No Escaping the GDPR…Are You Ready?

17.5.2016 by Guest

With the recent GDPR updates coming into effect this time next year it's time to up the ante on the conversations around data protection regulations. Lowri has the lowdown. In a recent round table at UKFast industry experts gathered to discuss…