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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

3 Steps for Preparing Your Data for Brexit

25.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

If you’re worried about what will happen to your business data after Brexit, then you’re not the only one. With some businesses already hit by the repercussions of Brexit uncertainty, encountering disrupted supply chains and collapsed trade deals, it’s crucial…

Using Threat Surveillance for PCI DSS Compliance

24.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

Built with PCI DSS in mind, UKFast's Threat Surveillance is already being used by our clients to help meet the criteria required to achieve PCI DSS compliance. Our Threat Surveillance service utilises baseline and vulnerability scanning tools, coupled with advanced…

cPanel Exim Vulnerability: How to Protect Yourself

21.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

cPanel have recently reported a critical EXIM vulnerability: CVE-2019-10149. So, we’re getting you up to speed on what this means for you and how you can protect yourself against this threat. What is the vulnerability? The vulnerability is an exploit…

Unlocked Speaker Talks Cyber-Threat Evolution

20.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

Would free insight and advice from industry-leading cybersecurity experts be useful for your business? Unlocked is the UK’s biggest FREE cybersecurity event and is coming to Manchester and London on the 17th and 24th July 2019. Find out more about…

Expert Tips: June’s Security Threat Landscape

19.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

Today we’re joined once again by UKFast security expert Sean. What are the most prevalent threats to your business right now?  And what are Sean’s top tips for staying cyber-secure this month? Let’s find out. The most common threats targeting…

A Word from an Ex-Military Security Specialist

13.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

Ex-military cybersecurity specialist Holly Williams has recently been announced as the latest addition to the expert line-up for 2019’s Unlocked event. Have you got your FREE ticket for Unlocked yet? > At UKFast, we’re always working hard to help you…

Five Reasons You Need to Attend Unlocked 2019

10.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

It is only six weeks until Unlocked 2019! Have you booked your free ticket yet? If you’re still wondering whether or not to reserve your free space at the UK’s biggest cybersecurity conference, here are five reasons why we think…

This Week’s Top 4 Cybersecurity Headlines

7.6.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

Basic cybersecurity issues are NCSC’s top challenge The CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin, says improving weak cybersecurity in businesses is a priority for the agency. Focussing on practical support and making the internet and technology safer…

Six FREE Resources to Bolster Your Security

28.5.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

It can be a daunting task to bring your cybersecurity knowledge and measures up to speed. With cybercriminals targeting businesses of all sizes, and from all angles, it’s easy to feel like you’re behind before you’ve even begun. But fear…

#BackToBasics: What is a Network Security Key?

21.5.2019 by Charlotte Nuttall

Today, we’re debunking some more techie jargon by tackling the phrase ‘network security key’. What is a network security key? A network security key is also known as a Wi-Fi or wireless network password. This is the password you use…