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Q&A With Cyber Expert Alberto Redi

24.10.2011 by Alice Cullen

As part of global Cyber Security Awareness Month, UKFast has teamed up with a range of cyber security experts to raise the profile of staying safe online. This week we spoke with Alberto Redi, CEO of Zone-H - whose website provides a platform for hackers to share their handiwork - and partner of Swiss cyber security company Security Lab. The interview below shares Redi's insights into future cyber threats and ventures into the mind and motivation of the hacker. UKFast: How long have you worked in cyber security? How has the online world changed since then? Alberto Redi: I have…

Simple Tools for Testing Cyber Security

18.10.2011 by Guest

This is a guest post by Richard Clinker. Richard has been in the IT industry for 15+ years working with systems running ATM networks and internet banking in an operations role. For at least ten of those years, he has…