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Sarah Wilson UKFast | Account Manager

My Work Experience at UKFast

4.7.2018 by Jenn Granger

Hello, my name is Fi, I'm 17-years-old and studying my A-Levels. I’ve just completed a week’s work experience here at UKFast and want to share my experience. When most people undertake work experience they expect to spend it doing paperwork, handing out coffees, shadowing and not really getting much hands-on work done. Well, it is a completely different story here at UKFast! First impressions It was the first day and I was told to arrive for 8:45am in time for the Monday Morning Meeting. When I arrived at the UKFast building, I saw everyone standing in the car park. When…

Meet the UKFast Happy Campers!

23.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

Tuesday was not only the first day of spring (hurray!), it was also the UN International Day of Happiness. When visitors come into our offices, they always tell us just how friendly and happy everyone is, and they’re definitely not…

Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

9.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

Where would we be without our apprentices? They’re bursting with fresh ideas, always ready to get stuck in and buzzing with energy (even at Monday Morning Meeting!). UKFast apprentices are a huge part of our culture and make up 15%…

We’re Putting an End to Blue Monday

15.1.2018 by Al McCloud

It’s no secret that ‘Blue Monday’ started as a PR campaign, but like all good campaigns there’s a grain of universal truth within it. January is nobody’s favourite month. The weather could be better, most of us overindulged over Christmas…

My Week at UKFast – Kyle

25.2.2014 by Katherine Kelly

At UKFast we believe in encouraging talent, helping to foster interest in many different areas of business, and are always looking for the next bright spark. Last week we were very happy to welcome Kyle to the business for his…

The Secret to Happy Working Relationships

11.2.2014 by Katherine Kelly

I was still clutching wilted bits of tinsel in my hand when the shops turned pink, and if I get another email inviting me to a ‘Valentine’s special’ I’ll seriously consider sending a strongly worded one back. There’s no denying…

Exhibiting: The Underrated Sales Channel

29.10.2009 by Mother Superior

The latest IPA Bellwether report tells us that businesses are now more confident about economic conditions, however the vast majority are still not prepared to increase their offline marketing budgets. Is this the right approach in this climate? It may…