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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google Must Redress in Order to Reward Businesses in 2008

3.1.2008 by Mother Superior

Google seems to be coming under fire at the start of this year with suggestions that 2008 needs to be about refining search and rewarding the right websites. The Guardian's Jack Schofield suggests that some of the information we read on results pages is pure unnecessary fabrication, while the unofficial Google System Blog notes that the search engine's algorithms are changing to favour recent content rather than heavily linked websites. Businesses that have invested in strong associated links and worked hard to create quality content about their products may find that newer sites refreshing information more regularly will knock them…

Google’s Idea of ‘Content is King’

3.8.2007 by Mother Superior

I searched for the words 'content is king' on Google today and the third result was a link to a page on the Microsoft website that lists Bill Gate's many articles and the publications they have appeared in. The phrase…

Blessed be the Blog

21.7.2006 by Chris N

A while ago the Web was in the grip of robots. Take two of the classic web searches (no, not those two, this is a family blog) - consumer electronics and celebrities. I'd be searching for a USB powered keyboard…