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The Threat to Your Medical Records

19.2.2014 by Jenn Granger

Data security is finally being upgraded from a supporting role to the star of the show – the one dubious upside of the NSA fallout. It’s made users aware that there are certain things – things that you might assume are totally air-tight – that might not be so well protected. Like your medical records, for instance. While you may not mind telling your friends that you had a hernia two years ago, whether you’d want your entire medical history released is another story. The question is, is it as risky as it sounds, and could any potential risks be justified?…

Study Shows Social Networks Leak Personal Information

8.7.2010 by Lady Penelope

A study out this week shows that social networking sites accessed through mobile devices are making data about users' physical locations available to third party websites. Researchers have reported that every one of the sites examined in the study, has…