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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Compliance and security in the cloud

18.12.2020 by Laura Valentine

Download our Buyer's Guide: Leveraging the Power of the Cloud Despite cloud adoption increasing at a faster pace than ever before, many modern organisations remain concerned about the security of data in the cloud. While cloud security should never be an afterthought, this lingering fear is ungrounded. When it comes to data security and compliance, if you follow the right steps and work with the right partners, the cloud can be the safest possible place for your business-critical data.   Whether you’ve already moved some of your workloads into the cloud or you’re preparing for migration, it’s important to understand how cloud technology can help meet compliance regulations and strengthen data security.    Shared responsibility …

How secure is the cloud in 2020?

23.9.2020 by Laura Valentine

Despite increasing levels of adoption by organisations of all sizes, cloud solutions continue to be plagued by misconceptions about their security. It’s still commonly assumed that the cloud offers a less secure option compared to on-premises infrastructure. So, how does it really shape up, and what…

What is UKFast’s Latest ISO Security Certification?

30.10.2018 by Jenn Granger

How do you know your hosting provider is going to keep your data safe? It’s a tough one, but cybersecurity should be the number one on your business’ To Do list. Making sure it’s also the top priority of your…

Cloud-Using Companies Neglecting Data Protection

5.10.2012 by Alice Cullen

Despite the ever-increasing number of companies turning toward cloud-based solutions, businesses are still failing to remember their data protection obligations when moving information to the cloud. With more and more data being transferred from a business’ data centre to the…