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How To Leave Your Website Over Christmas

21.12.2017 by Al McCloud

For the best Christmas experience your technology’s got to go, hasn’t it? In fact, for a truly Dickensian Christmas, you should turn off the power, light some candles and rely on paper hats, crackers and charades. Who needs the internet at this time of year? You're too busy singing around the piano. In reality, though, the internet is a bit of a silent hero over Christmas. It’s already helped you to research and buy 90% your presents, and now it’s going to power the maps app that will navigate you safely across the country to your in-laws, and later, deliver…

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Reindeer

20.12.2016 by Katherine Kelly

Not to bang on about it but Christmas is really nearly here, which means that it’s time to start getting in the spirit! Whether you’re a festive fanatic, love a good fact, or are going to be entertaining any kids…

Merry Christmas from UKFast!

25.12.2015 by Katherine Kelly

Well hello December 25th, we’ve been expecting you! I’m going to guess that right about now you’re falling asleep on a comfy sofa, with a festive film on in the background, a glass of well-earned wine in your hand, and…

Santa Hosted by UKFast

17.12.2015 by Katherine Kelly

At UKFast we pride ourselves on supporting our clients to the best of our ability, and sometimes that means helping a client with very er, particular needs. However, we enjoy a challenge and when it’s a client that has such…

A Cracking Way to Start the Week

7.12.2015 by Katherine Kelly

It’s Monday, and there’s a good chance you’re suffering from the after-effects of your work Christmas party, so we’ve got a little something to cheer you up! If there are two things us UKFasters love, it’s Christmas and a terrible…

Merry Christmas From UKFast

24.12.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Christmas Eve is finally here, and hopefully you’re stuffed full of mince pies! And good cheer. But mostly mince pies. Here’s a mid-week roundup to see you through the festivities, because sure, why wouldn’t you want to read about technology…

Xmas Is A Time For (#Uber)Giving

18.12.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Between 2-8pm today #uberGIVING is offering Uber drivers in London and Manchester a slightly more worthy cargo than drunk partyers and lazy people (yes, I used Uber last night even though I was right next to a metro stop); it’s…

How To Avoid The Christmas Crash

1.12.2014 by Katherine Kelly

As anyone with a pair of eyes and a shred of sanity is aware, Black Friday has become ‘the day you take your life into your own hands’ if you dare enter a shop; so it would have been understandable…

Manchester’s Mission This Christmas

17.11.2014 by Katherine Kelly

Regardless of whether you hate sprouts, hate snow, or hate everybody, December 25th is a time for giving; and with this in mind - and considering that one in three - yep, one in three! - children in Manchester don’t…

Cyber Crush? Not on Our Watch!

29.11.2013 by Emma Blunt

As Black Friday hysteria takes hold of our little island, it's more important than ever for e-commerce businesses to ensure their websites are at peak performance. As the images of frenzied shoppers grappling cut price goods from the hands of…