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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Google’s Brand is Damaged by Negotiable Principles

22.1.2009 by Mother Superior

As a brand name Google is arguably unmatched in the world. The fact that the proper noun has become a commonly used verb – ‘googled’- says it all. But while a brand can be the most recognisable in its particular arena, it does not necessarily translate into being the most successful. Now, yes admittedly Google is by far the most successful company in its market but it still needs to court favourable opinion. If its shiny image is dulled then its profit margins could diminish and that is not a bottom line it wants. So despite its dominant global position,…

Businesses Behind Social Networking

17.5.2007 by Mother Superior

In the UK, many businesses are discovering the benefits of working with social media in order to build their brand. It is often seen as a leap of faith for a business to put its stall out on a site…