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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Nice To Tweet You

10.6.2016 by Guest

Mel, our lovely new social media exec, shares her first impressions of UKFast! Before I came to UKFast I knew it was a vibrant, exciting brand, but not being a “techy” I wasn’t quite sure what we did. The brand…

UKFast First Impressions

30.5.2016 by Guest

The second of our lovely new Comms girls Hester shares the lessons she's learnt so far at UKFast! Before coming to UKFast, I was working at a stereotypical London agency, and it’s taken a good while to get my head around the…

Working at UKFast – First Impressions

27.5.2016 by Guest

One of our newest comms recruits, Dani, talks about her first impressions of UKFast and how we do things differently here! I’ve had an odd few weeks, with lots of change, soul searching and moments of endorphin fuelled reflection resulting…

A Workplace Like No Other

24.5.2016 by Guest

When we recruit at UKFast we say that shared values and a willingness to get stuck in, learn and try new things are more important than anything else. Natalie, one of UKFast's top team members, is a fantastic example of…

UKFast vs Digital Skills Gap

13.5.2016 by Guest

Manchester’s digital technology industry is growing at an incredible pace, and is a main driver behind the Northern Powerhouse. The city is now home to the second largest tech hub in the country in terms of number of jobs, with a…

Great Expectations

3.5.2016 by Jenn Granger

It’s one of life’s eternal – and fantastic – truths that when you do something for the love of it you tend to excel. Our CEO Lawrence and his wife Gail have given their everything to UKFast over the last…

My Week at UKFast – Fairooz

13.8.2015 by Guest

With the A-Level results announced today it's fitting that we've got a fantastic blog from Fairooz, one of our recent work experience students, to share with you! What's even more exciting is that Fairooz joined us from Manchester High School…

First Impression of UKFast – A New Culture of Work

5.8.2015 by Guest

In today's post Harriet, one of our newest recruits, tells us about her first impressions of UKFast and why our definition of 'work culture' is a little different! Barbecue on the beach, lounging by the pool, ice cream in the sun…

Bending the Rules on Beach Week

1.7.2015 by Jenn Granger

It would be easy to write off ‘beach week’ as an excuse for the team to crack out novelty sunglasses and put our pasty Manchester legs into the sun, but aside from some much-needed vitamin D and meeting Manchester’s suncream…

Have You Got The UKFast Gene?

4.2.2015 by Jenn Granger

We mentioned employee motivation recently, but arguably, the main way to motivate yourself is by doing a job that you enjoy, with people that you don’t want to batter to death with the office stationery. We spend about a third…