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My First Week At UKFast

3.7.2017 by Guest

We're kicking off the week by catching up with Charlotte, one of the students completing work experience here at UKFast. We chatted with Charlotte to find out how her first week at UKFast had gone. When a lot of people hear the phrase ‘work experience’ it probably makes them think of filing, printing and making other people coffee. I can tell you that after one week at UKFast it could not be more different (although I did make many cups of tea). So, where to start? Where every week starts here, the Monday morning ‘town hall’ meeting. At UKFast they…

Bring Your Dog To Work (Every) Day

26.6.2017 by Al McCloud

Whilst it was official for only a single day last week, here at UKFast every day of the year is Bring Your Dog To Work Day. Alongside the free bar, gym, and skiing howlidays, joining the bark side is just…

Joining Forces

16.5.2017 by Alice Cullen

The digital world provides endless opportunities. From collaboration and communication, to knowledge and new skills – technology really is everywhere. In recent years it has filtered through every industry, which is why it’s incredibly important for children to come out…

Ruling the UKFast Roost

21.3.2017 by Penny Piper

The UKFast team has grown from 200 to 350 in the past year; safe to say, we’re pretty used to seeing new faces on Campus. But our newest additions to the UKFast family was something we didn’t eggspect… When our…

Reasons to be Cheerful

20.3.2017 by Penny Piper

Happy Monday everyone! Today is International Day of Happiness – a day for us all to think about what makes us smile and to spread happiness where we can. Well, here at UKFast Campus, we’ve woken up to grey skies…

First Impressions at UKFast

15.3.2017 by Penny Piper

New team member Emma gives us a sneak peek into her findings after her first working week at UKFast. After just a few days at UKFast, I had a revelation – limitation is not in the company’s vocabulary. I was…

How IoT Transforms Business

10.3.2017 by Penny Piper

The Internet of Things (IoT) is already transforming our home lives. We can regulate our lighting, heating and sound remotely from a computer or smartphone, meaning we’re connected to what goes on inside our houses even when we’re away from…

Primary Numbers

10.3.2017 by Penny Piper

Today is Programming for Primaries Awareness Day, a day to big up the importance of introducing computing to children from an early age. Alongside this, it’s a reminder of the areas of the community that are working extremely hard to…

Jogging Your Muscle Memory

9.3.2017 by Penny Piper

This week, the skies have most definitely cleared (minus the bouts of rain). And with race training season upon us, we couldn’t be happier to unplug the treadmill and set our limbs free in the fresh air! UKFast culture is…

Rhyme and Mathematical Reason

8.3.2017 by Penny Piper

Today is International Women’s Day, a day to celebrate the amazing achievements – past, present and future – that we owe to the female of the species. Naturally, a day like this brings to the fore one of the biggest…