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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

PC Plod: The Decline of the Personal Computer

18.4.2013 by Alice Cullen

As analysts reveal a slump in the PC market, we take a look at how mobile phones, iPads and other portable devices are making an impact on business and personal IT and what that spells for the future. The number of consumer PCs is in rapid decline according to market researchers Gartner and IDC who reported that shipments for the first three months of the year fell at least 11%. We’ve seen for some time now that consumers are shifting their attention from PCs to alternative devices such as smart phones and tablets, and many businesses are implementing Bring Your…

The Big Data Debate: Over-Hyped or Under-Appreciated?

15.6.2012 by Alice Cullen

As the big data hype train rolls on so does the increasing scepticism about the amount of actual deployable technology that exists to deal with it. On one side, big data is the future of business and the saviour of…