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Get the Tax Break That Actually Helps

1.12.2008 by Mother Superior

The Government is trying to counter the recession (and falling voter numbers) by offering short term tax incentives. The headline cut is the 2.5% on VAT that supposedly will have us all scurrying straight out to the shops. Additionally, Alistair Darling has announced a one year tax exemption for certain empty properties as an aid to embattled UK businesses. The problem is that these measures don’t look as great when scrutinised. The VAT cut will apparently be funded by a hike in a few years time, while the business community says the property tax provision is too little, too late.…

The Power of Change

17.11.2008 by Mother Superior

So in the end the US Presidential contest was less of a battle than the preceding Democratic nomination process. But Why? Well it seems as though the message of change resonated powerfully with the US people. Either Obama or Clinton…

Established Businesses and Web Technologies

8.1.2008 by Mother Superior

A new survey headed up by KPMG adds further weight to the argument that B2B companies are not embracing many of the webs potent communication technologies because they do not fit in with traditional company procedures. The survey, which draws…