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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Poor Service Being Exposed By Anti-Social Brands

8.1.2014 by Alice Cullen

There's been a lot of talk about the best social media strategies, how to get the best ROI and how to measure it, but businesses are forgetting the basics. A panel of social gurus at our latest round table debated whether businesses who simply 'switch off' social media can maintain a great reputation. Ignoring or clocking off from social media is a major faux-pas being committed by businesses, as more and more users take to online networking for customer service. That’s according to seven industry experts who met at our round table event to discuss the growing impact of social…

Transparency is ‘Essential to Effectiveness of Market Research’

20.11.2013 by Alice Cullen

Consumers are becoming increasingly cynical about market research, forcing agencies to become increasingly transparent in their methods and results to have any impact in campaigns. A panel of industry experts gathered to discuss the weakening impact of market research by…

‘Massive Reach on a Small Budget’: Gaming and Animation Key for SMEs

21.10.2013 by Alice Cullen

Gaming and animation has levelled the playing field for SMEs, giving them unlimited marketing potential without the need for unlimited budgets, according to a panel of business experts. Alongside the right marketing plan, gaming and animation have the potential to…

SME Marketing: Where Do You Start?

13.5.2013 by Alice Cullen

So, you have your million dollar idea, you have spent every waking moment painstakingly learning to code and now you’re ready to unleash your start-up on the world. The UKFast marketing team talk us through what’s next. For any start-up…