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Backup In Case of Squirrels

ukfast disaster recovery backup

At UKFast we’re big on hoping for the best and preparing for the worst – even when the worst is squirrels. The Cyber Squirrel 1 website has made a list of all ‘unclassified cyber squirrel operations’ – i.e. attacks that the woodland contingency has made on human infrastructure – and the figures are pretty bleak. And, […]

Get Backup and Running With Commvault

Commvault data backup

Free ice creams!; Sale now on!; Manage your Commvault backups within MyUKFast! When it comes to announcements, I think you’ll agree that we’re pretty much up there with the best. For those of you that aren’t familiar with our Advanced Backup with Commvault then here’s why you’re going to want to be, plus we’ve got some […]

How To Keep Your Data Backed Up

In the summer of 2007 my computer crashed and I lost 7,000 songs and several important pieces of university coursework. It was a very dark time for me. Today is World Backup Day, and – because I never want anyone to go through what I went through after the Great Crash of 2007 – I’m […]

Choosing the Right Data Protection Routine

The impact of data loss or unavailability is an area of concern to any business that associates any level of importance to their online presence. The level of concern is determined by the available budget and also the costs associated with data either being permanently lost or data just being unavailable for any period of time.
Choosing the right data protection policy is determined by:
the costs associated with data either being permanently lost
the costs associated with data just being unavailable for any period of time

UKFast Intelligent Backup

Performing regular server backups is a must for every business that uses online applications for email, databases, websites or ecommerce. Your business cannot afford to lose this vital information.
UKFast’s intelligent backup facility guarantees that all business-critical data is backed up right up to the moment catastrophe strikes, ready to serve again.