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Sarah UKFast | Account Manager

Automation: People vs Tech

29.12.2015 by Jenn Granger

One of the big question marks around tech over the last year has been surrounding automation. As tech gets better and better, and industries increasingly turn to automation to streamline processes, there’s understandably been some fears around the impact this…

Fridays at UKFast – 23rd October

23.10.2015 by Jenn Granger

Welcome to Wear it Pink day everyone – whether you’re a lady or just know ladies, make sure you’re aware of this awareness day! Now, to business. This week we’ve been talking the incredible number of people falling into the…

Robocops In Real Life

18.11.2014 by Jenn Granger

The K5 Autonomous Data Machine looks a bit like the lovechild of EVE from Wall-E and R2D2 – and has been built to take over security jobs. Californian start-up Knightscope has designed these upgraded bots to replace human guards everywhere…