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What Can You Do To Plug The IT Skills Shortage Gap?

26.3.2018 by Jenn Granger

A growing business is a booming business. You’ve got new team members, plans for a bigger office space and the figures keep getting better. Add that to a positive, can-do attitude and you’ve got yourself a winner! With your business in the green, expansion is the next logical step. But new figures suggest that one tiny thing could get in everyone’s way. A study from ISC2 reveals that 40% of European businesses want to grow their company by 15% in the next four years. But here’s the issue: experts predict that there will be a skills shortage of 350,000 cybersecurity…

Apprenticeships 101: Why Apply?

17.2.2017 by Penny Piper

We’ve been repping our apprentices in a big way this week. It was the first anniversary of our huge apprentice intake following the collapse of Bright Future Software, and we’ve been celebrating the amazing progress and achievements of that 20-strong…

Open the Door to a Better Future

1.2.2016 by Katherine Kelly

When many of us were in school the only options for the future seemed to be university or finding a job. The first was dead expensive and the second could be a struggle without the skills learnt on a course.…

The Next Generation (Of Things)

25.3.2015 by Katherine Kelly

A new report has answered the question of what your teenager is doing upstairs. No, they’re not playing Call of Duty, trying to home-brew Gin and listening to Boyz II Men on repeat. They’re up there learning about tech. Seriously.…

My Week at UKFast – Kyle

25.2.2014 by Katherine Kelly

At UKFast we believe in encouraging talent, helping to foster interest in many different areas of business, and are always looking for the next bright spark. Last week we were very happy to welcome Kyle to the business for his…